Create Your Dream Wedding With Various Artificial Plants

silk flowers

As a manufacturer of artificial trees, we are always committed to providing our customers with high quality products at competitive prices. At the same time, what makes us more proud is not how many trees or flowers we produce every year, but the recognition of our factory, the recognition of our service and the recognition of […]

How To Deal With Unsightly Pillars?

People often encounter some headaches when carrying on interior decoration. Due to the needs of construction and load-bearing, pillars are an essential part, but in the interior decoration will often bring a lot of problems. How to cleverly disguise columns? Designers’ favorite element is to change the status by using artificial trees or plants. Tree […]

Ecological Garden Restaurant Decoration

Now the ecological garden restaurant is very popular. It skillfully integrates the beauty of nature with the sense of modernity. It has both a high-end style and elegant atmosphere, especially the romantic cherry blossom restaurant, which adds a warm and sweet atmosphere to the clean and cold modern tableware. Before, we participated in a restaurant […]


400cm tall white cherry blossom trees for wedding venue

If asking what wedding ornaments will provide a perfect wedding occasion, it must be the wedding flowers which are romantic. If asking what wedding flowers will make the wedding not only romantic but also memorable, it must be the cloud-like gorgeous cherry blossoms on the tree branches.   Artificial cherry blossom trees, as the most […]

Tree houses——Don’t Just Exist In Cartoons

Where to go on vacation? Hot spots are crowded, don’t want to join in, but don’t want to stay at home.Here are some great places to relax during the holidays. Everyone with a tree house obsession, there must be a heart full of innocenceIn particular, Especially, who have seen the scenes in the《Shrek》 and 《The Treehouse Stories》, as […]

Where Can I Custom Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree?

Compared with real cherry trees, artificial cherry trees have many advantages, such as long service life without care, perennial blooming, waterproof, etc., so silk cherry blossom trees are becoming more and more popular in commercial decor. Many customers choose simulation cherry tree as decorations for commercial places such as hotel,restaurant,bar,beauty salon,shop,mall. Because it can quickly […]

What Are The Popular Wedding Elements This Year?

People’s wedding decoration is gradually diversified with the passage of time. Every year, there are all kinds of new trends, uniqueness and excellence attracting people’s attention. From the traditional Chinese wedding to the mixture of Chinese and western, we have formed some unique decoration ideas, which can attract everyone’s attention on some special details of […]

How To Set Up Faux Flower Walls?

As a factory engaged in international trade business for more than 10 years, HAC keeps advancing with The Times design and development of some events in line with the current popular trend ornaments, one of the most popular is silk flower wall, whether it is used for event, wedding or party, these lifelike floral wall can be used to breathe life into […]

Why Do We Need To Constantly Innovate The Simulation Flower Art Technology Now?

In the primitive society, it was mainly based on physical flower art, not only as decoration, but also for gifts, visits to doctors, festivals and other purposes. People’s work is done at sunrise and rest at sunset. They can take care of these flowers and plants with a certain rest time. Even some flowers and […]