Boluo kindergarten project

The biggest reason why we can get the project of kindergarten is that we always think from the perspective of our customers.This artificial banyan tree is 12 meters high, once the tree has to be made so high and is used in the kindergarten, then the first thing we should consider is safety,so our trunk and leaves are made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.Artificial turf is also one of our projects.It not only creates a green activity environment for children, but also plays a protective role in children’s play.

Changzhou Ecological Hotel project

Since nowadays people are under great pressure both in life and work, so eating out is not only the choice of taste more important is the environment.Combined with the actual situation, we create a new set of Changzhou Ecological Hotel in line with the modern people’s aesthetic landscape design.We use artificial cherry blossom trees、artificial peach blossom trees、artificial bamboos and a series of simulation products to design a very unique ecological environment for

Thailand Kindergarten Project

This is a kindergarten project we did in Thailand in October 2016,which including the design of tree house and some simulated trees in the school.
School name:Anglo Singapore International School
Why did the project manager ask us to do it?
First of all, our boss is an artist who graduated from Guangzhou famous art school.Under his leadership, our company has developed and strengthened a strong design team.In addition, our factory has more than 20 years of experience in producing artificial products, and he personally participated in and supervised the whole process from design to construction.
Our design concept is that the kindergarten is where the flowers of the motherland bloom, and children at this age are very lively and naive, So it’s important to create an environment where children learn and play.A good environment can not only improve students’ learning enthusiasm, but also enable children to experience the fun of learning in the process of playing.

Thai Dinosaur Museum

Thai dinosaur museum is full combine with the modern bionic architectural language, this project uses a lot of dinosaur era of plants, rockery waterfall, ground “planting” artificial cycads, artificial fern palm tree and other grass are all covering the ground.

Looking at the tall faucet is similar to two dinosaurs whispering, a rich giant dinosaur dragon body showing a large freehand shape.