Ecological Garden Restaurant Decoration

Now the ecological garden restaurant is very popular. It skillfully integrates the beauty of nature with the sense of modernity. It has both a high-end style and elegant atmosphere, especially the romantic cherry blossom restaurant, which adds a warm and sweet atmosphere to the clean and cold modern tableware. Before, we participated in a restaurant layout, with brilliant cherry blossoms as the theme. The color of the cherry blossoms is ordinary pink, but other colors such as white, blue, and yellow are optional, or even you can mix and match colors. At the request of customers, we choose the denser cherry blossom trees, that not only have more layers and three-dimensional for each cherry blossom, but also have more flower heads on a single flowering branch, which has a better aesthetic effect. Let’s take a Japanese “flower-viewing” which is called “hanami” under the dense cherry blossom trees! This kind of cherry restaurant is very suitable for young people to date. It will definitely become a popular local tourist resort.

(Viewing) On the left side of the entrance is a blossom tree with tea-green leaves and soft pink flowers. When the wind blows, the flowering branches are swaying and lifelike. This is because the material we use is strong and elastic, not easy to fall, and full of vivid feelings. At the bottom of the tree, we use turf as lawn and low stakes as the fence decoration to make the effect more realistic. When you enter the restaurant to have a seat, you will see a pink cherry blossom tree cleverly placed among the seats. The thick and soft pink cherry blossoms are stacked layer upon layer on the branches of the trees, and the branches spread out in all directions covering the ceiling. During the day, sunlight shines on brilliant cherry blossoms through the transparent ceiling of the ecological garden restaurant, making the space radiant and beautiful. Especially at dusk, the light and music shines together, making the diners feel as if they are in the fantastic cherry blossom Kingdom, as if time has become slow. But don’t worry about petals falling into the dish, because it’s artificial flowers. The partition is also hanging dense cherry blossom branches mingled with the surroundings. The cherry blossoms are made of silk or fabric which is smooth and bright. More than that, our latest flowering branches, using new technology and fiberglass, are convenient to install and have excellent quality. Next, there is a cherry blossom tree leaning on the wall near the door and window of the back kitchen. The first thing you see is a large piece of pink. When you look closer, you will see the crystal green leaves among the cherry blossoms. The trunk of the cherry blossom tree is highly simulated, due to the reverse mould from the naturally grown trunk. The dense Cherry Blossom branches fit the corner and ceiling very well. We have 20 years of matured and professional experience, integrating nature, art and practicality into our products.