How To Add Romance And Vitality With HAC’s Gorgeous Fake Cherry Blossom Tree?

In Budapest, Hungary, a beautiful concert is put on. With the wonderful music, the atmosphere is constantly rising, and the enthusiasm of the audience is also rising. Along with the performer is  the pink simulation cherry tree made by HAC artificial tree manufacturer, which brings the audience into the mood of performance.

This simulation cherry tree is 4 meters high, 4 meters wide and 40 cm in diameter at the bottom. The main material of the trunk is fiberglass, which is light and clear in texture. The simulation degree is more than 90%. And the pink cherry blossom is made of high-quality silk cloth, bright colors make people happy. The branch of the trunk can be disassembled, which is convenient for packaging and installation during the transportation. Due to the use of FRP material, the weight of artificial cherry blossom tree is relatively light, suitable for handling and moving, and does not need too much manpower. Easy to clean, no need to water and long-term care, but also to maintain the original beautiful and bright.

A fake cherry blossom tree is not only suitable for concerts, but also for hotel lobbies, exhibitions, weddings and other occasions.

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