How To Create a Romantic And Relaxed Atmosphere For a Shop?

Just Need a Faux Cherry Blossom Tree

Walking in the street, both sides are lush green belt. Because of the urban planning, most of the green areas are composed of simulation green plants, which can not only maintain the beauty of the city, but also save energy and manpower to manage. Not only is the greening around the street covered by artificial green plants, but also the shops and families in the mall begin to buy simulated flowers as decorations, which are both beautiful and durable.

In a beauty salon in Denmark, their leader contacted us to design a fake cherry tree for their beauty salon, which conforms to their temperament.This artificial cherry blossom tree is 2.5m high and 2m wide in total. Its trunk is made of natural wood. The distribution of branches is designed so that it will not be too dense, forming an irregular expansion mode. And the silk cherry blossom on the tree is made of high-quality silk cloth, with high technology and high fidelity. Because of the special material,the fake cherry flower tree is light, easy to handle and install, does not need to be watered and sunned, does not need to spend a lot of time to take care of. The guests who enter the beauty salon will feel happy and relax when they see such a comfortable and beautiful environment.

White cherry blossom tree in salon
Pink cherry blossom tree

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