How To Deal With Unsightly Pillars?

People often encounter some headaches when carrying on interior decoration. Due to the needs of construction and load-bearing, pillars are an essential part, but in the interior decoration will often bring a lot of problems. How to cleverly disguise columns? Designers’ favorite element is to change the status by using artificial trees or plants.

Tree Trunks Column Concealment Wrap

This is an office in Gibraltar. We wrapped this column with our fake banyan tree, which not only prevents the column from leaking out, but also brights up the whole interior space. Imagine working under a huge banyan tree, your employees are bound to become more energized.

Look at the restaurant, a huge pink cherry trees stands in the center position, and realistic artificial bark around the original pillar, romantic pink spread to cover a large area of ceiling create a sea of flowers, your guests are sure to enjoy the beauty of this atmosphere close to nature and enjoy the dining time sitting under the floral sky.

How to install the Pillar Wrap Tree

In fact, the installation of this tree is very simple, we will cut the bark into two pieces before shipping, and equip the corresponding raw materials, and when you install the two pieces of bark together and then brush the gap with the materials we prepared. If you would like to learn more details please feel free to contact us(whatsapp:86 18819202094,