How To Set Up Faux Flower Walls?

As a factory engaged in international trade business for more than 10 years, HAC keeps advancing with The Times design and development of some events in line with the current popular trend ornaments, one of the most popular is silk flower wall, whether it is used for event, wedding or party, these lifelike floral wall can be used to breathe life into any event.They are perfect as wedding backdrop,stage backdrop,photo booth backdrop,Studio partition,company culture wall,baby shower,window display.

Coffee shop decoration

But do you know how to set up the flower walls?

In this blog I will introduce the steps

Flower mat comes with plastic netting that is bendable,can be trimmed,and can easily by attached to most structures.

STEP 1:Flip flower panels over to connect them with each other

STEP 2:Prepare a matching piece of plywood

STEP 3:Use attachments located on plastic mesh netting

STEP 4:Use a staple gun to connect panels to the plywood

STEP 5:We recommend putting something under the plywood to protect your work surface

STEP 6:Staple every 8-12’’ for a more stable connection

STEP 7:Depending on the weight of plywood,make sure to use an appropriate wall hanger

STEP 8:Use a large picture saw tooth hanger

STEP 9:Use hammer and nails to attach the picture hanger to the plywood

The above installation method is only one of them, there are many different installation methods, if you want to know more please feel free to contact us.