Terms and conditions of use of China HAC company’s services. 

1. User qualification
China HAC company’s services are provided and used only by individuals who are able to enter into legally binding contracts under applicable laws.Without limiting the foregoing, China HAC services are not provided to users under the age of 18 or suspended temporarily or indefinitely.If you are not qualified, please do not use our services.In addition, your account (including credit rating) and user name may not be transferred or sold to other parties.In addition, the company reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account at its discretion. 
2. Your information (including but not limited to any products added) shall not:
* fraudulent, false, inaccurate or misleading; 
* infringement of copyright, patent right, trademark right, trade secret or other proprietary right or right of publication or privacy of any third party; 
* violation of any applicable laws or regulations (including but not limited to laws or regulations relating to export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, criminal law, anti-discrimination or trade practices/fair trade laws); 
* contents that insult or slander others or infringe upon others’ legitimate rights and interests; 
* contents of obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting a crime; 
* contains any virus, Trojan horse, worm, time bomb, deletion fly, Easter egg, spyware or other computer program that may damage, change, delete, adversely affect, secretly intercept, access or commandeer any system, data or personal information without authorization; 
3. The default
China HAC may restrict your activities, immediately delete your products, issue a warning about your behavior to the company community, issue a warning notice, suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate your user qualification and refuse to provide services to you if:
(a) you violate this agreement or the documents incorporated in this agreement; 
(b) China HAC is unable to verify or verify any information you provide to our company; 
(c) we believe that your act may cause loss or legal liability to you, our users or our company. 
4. Limitation of liability
Our company, our company’s affiliates and related entities or our company’s suppliers are not under any circumstances because of our company’s web site, our service or this agreement arising from or related to loss of profit or any special, indirect or consequential damages (no matter in what way, including negligence) undertake any responsibility.You agree that you are solely responsible for the legality of your own actions.You agree that our company and all affiliates and related entities of our company shall not be liable for the legality of the actions of users of our company and any results arising therefrom. 
5. No agency relationship
User and our company are independent contractors, and this agreement does not establish or create any agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchise relationship.China HAC also makes no recommendation, promise or guarantee to any user or its online trading behavior, express or tacit. 
6. General provisions
This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.The provisions of this agreement are divisible. If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision may be deleted and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.

How to Become a Supplier
1. Please provide identity certification for opening a shop.
Please fill in my true information as prompted.

After the application, you need to wait for the platform to review the authorization. If the authorization is approved, please release the product according to the following information. After the product is released, please notify and wait for the platform to review:
1. Product picture size: 700*700, 1 main picture, 4-5 detail pictures
2. Product parameters include title, price, specifications, advantages, applicable place, packaging, etc