Tree houses——Don’t Just Exist In Cartoons

Where to go on vacation?

Hot spots are crowded, don’t want to join in, but don’t want to stay at home.Here are some great places to relax during the holidays.

Everyone with a tree house obsession, there must be a heart full of innocenceIn particular, Especially, who have seen the scenes in the《Shrek》 and 《The Treehouse Stories》, as well as in the animation of Miyazaki Hayao ,depicting a forest fairy tale, which makes people yearn for it so much that they would like to run into the animation.

No matter in the deep mountains of Chiang mai, the seaside of Bali, the lake of Philippines, the coffee area of the andes mountains, in the American countryside, the outskirts of Florence, or in the countryside of England, people all happen to have the complex in the fairy tale world, either wild fun adventure, or light luxury holiday.

Today, we collect some beautiful tree houses around the world.Appreciate the architectural style and offer you a variety of options for your vacation.

In the mountains of Chiang mai, look for the cafe built around the giant banyan tree.

Indulge in this garden with unequalled gardens and small pool, sleep on a lounge chair and spend a leisurely afternoon on the beach in Bali.

After watching the sunset on the lake in the Philippines, feel the romance and shock brought by fairy tale fireflies in this aborigine-style tree house.

In rural America, the tree house, which was converted from a 1927 old house, is built on a tree. It has both American country art and artists’ favorite retro style.