What Are The Popular Wedding Elements This Year?

HAC Wedding Trees

People’s wedding decoration is gradually diversified with the passage of time. Every year, there are all kinds of new trends, uniqueness and excellence attracting people’s attention. From the traditional Chinese wedding to the mixture of Chinese and western, we have formed some unique decoration ideas, which can attract everyone’s attention on some special details of the wedding. Because of the COVID-19, this year’s wedding season has been delayed, and many new people are preparing to enter the marriage hall after the epidemic.

Silk blossom trees for wedding backdrop
HAC Pink Cherry Trees For Aisle

The recent trend of wedding decoration is mainly based on “beauty in details”. Now, every detail of the wedding decoration is concerned and decorated in the most beautiful way. On the wedding table, small potted plants or tabletop cherry trees can be placed in the center of the table, with unique and charming decoration; the wedding background can be used 2 simulate cherry trees to create an arch, where the couple can stand under the trees, warm and beautiful, with realistic flowers close to each other, as if clapping for the bride and bridegroom.

Silk Centerpiece Wedding Trees