Where Can I Custom Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree?

Compared with real cherry trees, artificial cherry trees have many advantages, such as long service life without care, perennial blooming, waterproof, etc., so silk cherry blossom trees are becoming more and more popular in commercial decor. Many customers choose simulation cherry tree as decorations for commercial places such as hotel,restaurant,bar,beauty salon,shop,mall. Because it can quickly create an instant beauty and center decoration without too much time and effort.

But many times the use of a simulation tree is limited by objective factors such as height, width, size, shape, color, and site, so you’ll want to find a vendor that you can customize.You must be wondering where can I custom artificial cherry blossom tree?Products on the internet such as Amazon are generally of the same specifications and cannot provide large size flower trees. In addition, customized trees not only require the strength of suppliers, but also cost more for customers.

After spending time and effort, you still haven’t found a satisfactory supplier, and right now you’re probably feeling pretty anxious about it. But don’t worry, because you’re lucky to have HAC.

HAC is a manufacturer of faux trees with 22 years of experience. We have made over 10,000+ trees of different styles and shapes in the past years.Our projects are distributed in museums, amusement parks, weddings, malls, theme parks and so on.Our clients are all over the world, including North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.Product quality has also been recognized by our customers.

Why the customers choose HAC?

Because we offer custom service with reasonable price.We have our own design team and our own factory, and all the costs and quality are controllable.This is also something that trading companies or small factories cannot do. Our custom service includes the shape,dimension, logo,package and even installation of silk floral tree.All you have to do is let us know your design or ideas.If you get some ideas from Instagram,Pinterest or any other channels.Just let us know your requirements of your project,we will make a perfect plan to you with a nice price.We have done large cherry tree up to 10m high in the central plaza used.Also made the window display use of mini cherry trees, artistic fake cherry trees.